Looking for a Job

Are you searching for a new job in IT?

We have some tips to gear up your future career

Adjust your e-mail

Hopefully, you abandoned your funky college e-mail address long time ago and now have a profesionallookingaccount. However, for a productive job search you might need to set up a separate e-mailaccount to keep track of all vacancies and not losing them among promoactions and day-to-day letters

Don't neglect help

We are sure that you are a self-contained professional, but getting help is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it characterizes you as a rational and sociable person. You can get help in specialized recruiting agencies or just make a post in your social media profile. Whatever path you choose, make sure to use all opportunities to the fullest.

Prepare references

Even if you have an accomplished CV, positive recommendations from your previous work place will raise your chances to get a job.

Don't give up

Searching for a job might be a time-consuming and exhausting process. But you should keep your spirit high and never stop searching untill you find a job that corresponds to your skill set and requirements