About Us

Employer First is a non-profit organization, which provides a network of knowledge for IT employers, who seek to become leaders in their sphere. It was founded in 2012 by a group of motivated business coaches, who wanted to make a change.

Initially, founders based content on their own experience. As time flew by, the organization acquired a network of professionals, who were ready to share their knowledge with the world. Step by step, we gained an ample knowledge base, including tips on team building, hiring, retaining and motivating personnel and creating appealing working atmosphere. Join our network to become a better IT employer.

Our mission

 To collect and share competency in IT sphere

To unite professionals around the world

To expand knowledge network and help new startups become better in IT employment

Our values


We base our recommendations only on robust, practical experience


We are here to communicate and help—we are all united with one goal


Giving recommendations means accepting responsibility for their trustworthiness and value.